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well heres a few of my most recent customs some still need some more work, some are complete...hope you guys enjoy.

first up is the 1969 chevy truck with a wheel swap using m2 wheels, this one is basically done just needs some detailing and i hate matte paint so needs some clearcoat. i like the tampos on this one.

next up is another addition to my toyota collection a 86 4runner, and a good looking one at that! this was just a wheel swap with some slightly bigger wheels and detailing.

this one is one of my favorite trucks i have. never seen this one before untill i seen it at target. it is an international CXT, the wheels on it from stock are on the 4runner. stole the current wheels from the most hideous truck ever aka the mega-duty. got some detailing as well. just need to paint the fender flares black and do alittle more detailing. but it looks awesome!.

saved the best for last! this is a mitsubishi l200 truck, this one got a lift with working suspension, and wheel swap and some detailing. im wanting to add something that resembles some bushwacker fender flares but need to wait on my styrene to come in for that!. hope you enjoy, if you want to know how to do this one just pm me as to not clutter up the thread with stuff off topic.

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