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A couple of Torinos

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In my back to basics/plain jane spirit, I have a couple of modified M2 Torinos. First, I removed the tampos on a GT and replaced the grille with a basic Torino grille and added redlines in place of the Polyglas tires

Second, I took a Torino Cobra that was an Auto Lift done like a Driver. I swapped the chassis out with another Torino and went with it.

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Ah...ok, thanks.
I'm familiar with the series. I have the orange one from GL.
It`s a good casting, better than the JL in some ways.

Would anyone know of a linc that shows GL Auto World releases from the last couple years?
Try glcollector- but, not sure if it is .net or .com?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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