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First the stuff I DIDN'T buy:
-Aurora (TOMY) Camaro challenge / $60
-AFX Ferrari 512M (2 of 'em) / $30ea
-AFX Bre Datsun / $35
-T-Jet set, no cars / $45
-T-Jet Battery op(?) set w/Chaparral and Ford GT / $60 Not a bad deal. I just didn't want to spend the money

While digging through a $1.00 die cast box I picked out a couple cars and then I found this:

The vendor wanted $3.00 but when I pointed out the Mako had the top cut off, he sold me all three for $2.00

Next is a Riggen 1/32. I forget the name of it. It is something like Commander Car. If you remember the movie "SlapShot", they were racing these in the hotel.

After hearing his sad story about how much he paid for it and how they sell on the bay for $35, he sold it to me for $25.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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