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90's 5hp Briggs

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Had weak spark now no spark
opened it up and rustola every where
I can handle that, but the coil gap is .010one side .008 the other
can't find a name plate/stamping, there fore the briggs site doesn't
help tp gap coil-- this was bought in the early 90's from Northern
would like some help with the gap
thanks for any help guys
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Looking at the condition of the motor,have you tried disconnecting the kill switch wire from the coil and checking for spark? I would remove the coil from the engine and wire brush the mounting points on the coil and the engine to make sure there is a good ground between them.Cleaning the flywheel wouldn't hurt either.If the engine was stored outdoors,the coil may wind up being bad.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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