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90's-00's briggs 6HP engine stalling

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so i built this project to save on gas.... a 6HP briggs and stratton powered skateboard. i built everything myself, and got this engine for it. engine fires right up first or second pull with the choke...but refuses to run with the choke open. i cleaned the carb thoroughly cleaning every jet and passageway with carb cleaner. put it together and stilll same thing. i checked and found that it is getting fuel to the carb. i can ride it with half choke..... but after a minute or so of riding it sputters, then dies. any ideas? this is very frustrating to me!
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Hello and Welcome.Could you post the numbers off the engine,usually stamped into the shroud near the spark plug or on a sticker on the engine block.Knowing what type of carb you have will help someone here help you find the problem.
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