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8 Window Seaview Build Up

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A few photos of the new 8 window seaview kit... Wow this is a must have for the Seaview builders and fans alike... Frank, Dave & Gary have knocked this one out of the park... I am woking on a few build ups for clients and will be showing some photos along the way. Thanks Moebius!!!:thumbsup:
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Incredible work, Randy. With the movie version Seaview, there is no seam at all on the front end there where the eight windows are. Again, very nicely done.
This project has been a blast! Moebius models my hats off too you... Great job on desiging such a wonderful model kit, a must for all! Thanks guys! On too the next one... Randy.

PS Here a few more photos...
I think the point of lighting is to show life inside the vessel, and you've done it quite nicely! :thumbsup:
Nicely done! Those red naugahyde chairs look awfully comfy. Did you include a standing ash tray for Admiral Nelson's cigars?
Thanks for all your support! Now back to the Munster House! Randy
121 - 128 of 128 Posts
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