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8 Window Seaview Build Up

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A few photos of the new 8 window seaview kit... Wow this is a must have for the Seaview builders and fans alike... Frank, Dave & Gary have knocked this one out of the park... I am woking on a few build ups for clients and will be showing some photos along the way. Thanks Moebius!!!:thumbsup:
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Looks great Randy!!:thumbsup:

Looking forward to see what you do here.
I've decided on going with the "First Season" version, complete with not only the port and starboard sail lights, but drilling out the portholes for the four sail hatches as well. :dude:
Great minds think alike Sir!:thumbsup:
The handrails were on the 17'2" Miniature and on the full size set. as clearly seen in the pic that Starseeker posted.
Captain solo

Just to clear things up 17 ft 2" is the 4 window second season sea view correct..:confused:

There was only one 17'2" Seaview.
There was only one 8' Seaview.

After the movie and the end of the first season, both boats were modified to the four window Seaview seen in the rest of the seasons, 2 through 4.

All of the surface and whenever you saw the Flying sub launch was done by the 17'2" Seaview..

The underwater shots are the 8' Seaview..
Thanks Cap

I was under the impression that there was a only one 17 footer but the length changed at one point due to the added new nose for the 4 window. so when I saw "2 wasn't sure if if it was the 8 window later 4 window new nose.. thanks again for the clear up:thumbsup:

Glad to have helped!
Started working my way through the interior over the weekend... Getting a little closer each step... More to come. Randy
That's looking real nice Randy.
nothing works better than bondo for sealing that hull seam!!!! :wave:

That's looking real good Randy! Can't wait for you to light her up!!
Lighting awesome. But what else to expect from the VooDoo that you do!
Yes indeed!
1 - 12 of 128 Posts
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