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8 Window Seaview Build Up

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A few photos of the new 8 window seaview kit... Wow this is a must have for the Seaview builders and fans alike... Frank, Dave & Gary have knocked this one out of the park... I am woking on a few build ups for clients and will be showing some photos along the way. Thanks Moebius!!!:thumbsup:
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Nice work Randy, per your usual...... Keep posting your progress, enjoying the photos. Tim
This is coming along nicely Randy. I'm on the fence as to wether to buy one of not. I'll see what yours looks like at the end and make up my mind!! Ha ha!! These are such wonderful kits anyway, but I think you could just drive yourself nuts on all of the little detail stuff to the point of never finishing it. It will look fantastic sitting there on the shelf straight from the box! Keep us posted on your progress.
Like you, I'm a "neophyte" when it comes to lighting models. I chose Just An Illusion's (JAI) 8-window Seaview lighting kit. Very complete and simple for beginners like us, and Gil is fantastic to deal with.
Geez, guys, Randy IS VoodooFx, maker of some of the best lighting kits on the market, and you guys are bragging about his competitions lighting kits?!! LOL. I'm not trying to stir up any crap at all, Randy is a good friend of mine and my mentor, but it seems a bit of a slap in the face on this thread of his buildup!! I buy some of Gil's stuff too, so I'm not ragging on him either. Don't start a pissing match, I'm just making an observation on behalf of a good friend. Randy's Seaview lighting kit was the FIRST time I did lighting on the original version. Any questions I did have, he promptly answered, and I sailed right thru the installation! Believe me, if I can do it, anybody can!!!!
Your right brother, Randy let's it roll right off. As I said, not stirring the proverbial "poo", just my observation and he is truly a good friend and my mentor for the last several years, so yeh, I felt the need to spew mildly.

Again I will say, as intimidating as that little plastic bag of boards, wires, resistors and LED's looks, it's a piece of cake!!! Get yourself a good fine tipped soldering iron and some good solder, read the handy dandy instructions, and you will be a master at it in no time. I think the very important part of all of it is, once you cross that learning curve, not only will you be able to do any of these light kits, but enhance them and do your own as well to suit your needs!! Randy not only sells the kits, he offers the blank boards, wiring, battery boxes, switches and all seperate, so you can create your won applications. Great stuff, great service, great guy. (Gosh I'm such a fan-boy.....not really....)

We are all lucky to be living in such good times for model builders! We have so many killer after-market parts available to us, from lighting, to photoetch, masking sets, resin figures and parts, a plethora of decals....Whew! All add up to some great build for us due to the hard work of these few guys, most of whom are on this board regularly! :thumbsup:
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