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8 Window Seaview Build Up

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A few photos of the new 8 window seaview kit... Wow this is a must have for the Seaview builders and fans alike... Frank, Dave & Gary have knocked this one out of the park... I am woking on a few build ups for clients and will be showing some photos along the way. Thanks Moebius!!!:thumbsup:
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I anticipate some very cool lighting F/X. Looking forward to your updates Randy.
I've decided on going with the "First Season" version, complete with not only the port and starboard sail lights, but drilling out the portholes for the four sail hatches as well. :dude:
Depending on how AMS you and Mark want to be, you might want to consider eliminating the "diner booth" and replace it with flat walls as they did for season 1. (Of course it's at the deepest corner of the lounge and therefore not too visible ...)
The new photos are great, Randy! You did a super job eliminating the central seam between the windows.

Quick question - what is going into the big hole you cut in rear hull under the missile silos? I assume it will be access to the electronics with the silo plate removable? (Of course you probably mentioned this is a post and I missed it by just looking at the pretty pictures.)
Thanks Randy!

That's a nice buildup, Macki. It's wild how the lights from the Cadillac fins shows up on the wall.
...On a side note, I question the naming of the flag pole on the aft end of the sail. I'm sure David Merriman will brutally correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that was an HF radio antenna on a sub...
It has had a flag flying off of it in some shots (can't remember where I saw that) and it is also used as a crane - there was a first season episode where they use it to offload a bomb that goes off right when it hits the water.
...where did the idea for the dozens of handrails by the missile tube come from? I'm going to chisel them off. I'm wondering if it's worth trying to fab some cleats in that scale.
They're only visible on the full sized set - presumably they are retracted to reduce drag and turbulence while submerged.

Because so many of them get damaged during shipping (all 3 of my Seaviews, both types, had grabhandles that had broken off during shipping) I included a full set of replacements on the photoetch set. There are also cleats the cleats seen on the full sized set.

P.S. I don't believe the whip antenna ever made it to the final buildup. Another difference in the plans is that the radar dish was installed upside down.
As Gary confirmed in another thread, the design of both Seaview kits incorporates parts of all the versions seen on screen, hense the handholds from the full-size mock-up...
I was not disagreeing with that, just mentioning where they were used and where they weren't.
...As for those handholds, mine were all fine on all the kits I got when they were delivered to my house...
Roger that.
Try surrounding the entire model with cotton balls prior to using layers of small bubble-wrap, then surround it with larger bubble-wrap.
These were the original boxed models as purchased at the store.
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