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8 Window Seaview Build Up

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A few photos of the new 8 window seaview kit... Wow this is a must have for the Seaview builders and fans alike... Frank, Dave & Gary have knocked this one out of the park... I am woking on a few build ups for clients and will be showing some photos along the way. Thanks Moebius!!!:thumbsup:
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I'm looking forwards to updates, Randy! And I'll be using your Seaview lighting kit from 4 years ago on this beauty, too! :dude:
The 4 window kit will work perfect in the new model as well... Working on the build tonight, new photos coming! Randy
A few new photos of the build...
I agree... no Nav lights on the sail, dead lights are off... My client has requested I do install working dead lights on the sail, with its own on /off switch... Should be a nice effect?
that sounds cool what color are you thinking for the dead lights ?
I am thinking of going with a white diffused look...
A few new photos, this kit rocks! More to come... Randy
The new photos are great, Randy! You did a super job eliminating the central seam between the windows.

Quick question - what is going into the big hole you cut in rear hull under the missile silos? I assume it will be access to the electronics with the silo plate removable? (Of course you probably mentioned this is a post and I missed it by just looking at the pretty pictures.)
Hi Paul, You are right the big port cut in the missile bay is so you can fish the circuit board and wiring from front to back. The main nose seam still needs some work but its a good start... Love the new decals and PE you have designed for the kit, top notch as usual. Randy
This kit keeps on getting better... Love this model... Randy
Started working my way through the interior over the weekend... Getting a little closer each step... More to come. Randy
Nice work. Too bad the heads on those figures are so out of scale. Have you considered filing them down to a more reasonable size? Or replacing them entirely with N scale heads?
I am build 3 of these models for clients back to back, so I wount be spending time playing around with the figures, need to keep my mind on the bulk of the build ups...Randy
It has been many years since I have had time to build a personal project for my self... Those where the good old days! Randy:thumbsup:
This is coming along nicely Randy. I'm on the fence as to wether to buy one of not. I'll see what yours looks like at the end and make up my mind!! Ha ha!! These are such wonderful kits anyway, but I think you could just drive yourself nuts on all of the little detail stuff to the point of never finishing it. It will look fantastic sitting there on the shelf straight from the box! Keep us posted on your progress.
Thanks Tim, The model kits have been wonderful to build, like usual Moebius has made another amazing kit!!! Parts fit like a glove!!! It s a must have for a true builder like your self... I dont know it seams to be more like the Seaview I rember in six grade, wow what an old fart I am!!! Randy

PS: Working on the main body seams today, post some photos later...
Started working the main body... Still very ruff...More photos coming...
Started working the nose light & lower wing search light bay... Almost got the body lines filled in one pass, need to sand and fill a little more but close...More photos coming... "Boy is this model great" Randy
Ah! too little sleep :freak: There it goes...
Responce sent, no more tire kicking , OK... Randy
Body seams almost done, she's starting to take shape... Droping back to the sail and interior fit work next... More coming. Randy
I used Aves. I'm out of Bondo Lol!
I use Aves as well, they make great products...
Tim... Thank you for your support, you are a super star in my book! Worked on the sail last night and going hard at it today... Try to post some new photos tonight...
Got some more work done yesterday... Sail is almost finished... Started to fit the interior... Hope to work on the lighting next week... More photos coming soon... Randy
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