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8 Window Seaview Build Up

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A few photos of the new 8 window seaview kit... Wow this is a must have for the Seaview builders and fans alike... Frank, Dave & Gary have knocked this one out of the park... I am woking on a few build ups for clients and will be showing some photos along the way. Thanks Moebius!!!:thumbsup:
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I'm looking forwards to updates, Randy! And I'll be using your Seaview lighting kit from 4 years ago on this beauty, too! :dude:
I've decided on going with the "First Season" version, complete with not only the port and starboard sail lights, but drilling out the portholes for the four sail hatches as well. :dude:
Looking great, Randy, and as for loving this model, ME TOO!! I can't remember enjoying the 4-window build as much as I'm loving THIS one! :thumbsup:
Nice touches! Walter Pidgeon as Adm. Nelson, complete with a cigar, and Barbara Eden! :thumbsup:
Nothing works better than Bondo for sealing that hull seam!!!! :wave:
I'm using the VooDooFX lighting kit from the first Moebius Seaview. Because I'm a kit builder, but a total klutz when it comes to soldering wires, I had a good friend of mine connect all the wiring and now all I need to do is install it into the ship while building it. :thumbsup:
Thank you, Athan Tok!
:wave: Thanks for the advice on the bow spotlight placement, Randy; it's PERFECT! :thumbsup:
Nice job on the railing of the upper observation deck, Randy; that was the only part of this build I had difficulties with, due to shaky fingers. :eek:
1 - 8 of 128 Posts
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