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Green machine! plus 8 maisto chase cars sale!

1.) pro rodz '68 vette coupe. mint car on near mint card and bubble.
2.) pro rodz '68 camaro z28. mint car on near to mint card and bubble.
3.) pro rodz 67 chevy mint car. bubble has dent on right top side, and slightly rough lower left corner of plastic edge.
4.) player z ...3(three quantity) lamborghini roadsters. burgundy in color. all mint on card and bubble. blue ace of spades card.
5.) playerz mercedes slr mclaren. mint on mint card and bubble. ace of diamonds red. car is a dark blue.
6.) 2006 dodge magnum RT. mint on mint card and bubble. car is silver. ace of spades, ace is like a purple or darkish blue.
7.) greenlight green machine 1/64 scale impala ss. 427 mint card car, and bubble. VERY LIMITED PRODUCTION

want to sell all 8 at one time.

offers to [email protected] or p.m. email better
to be paid by postal money order. offer plus priority mail del. con. shipping.
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