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whee! little pic time... some wheel/body/int/base swaps....

not for the faint of heart, the TH is a custom... to get the right colors/parts, you need the black Target exclusive from the tin (for the wheel hubs and orange interior), then the General Mills exclusive from the 5 pack (for the pearl white body) (the redline 7 spokes went to the Wastelanders) and the Goodyear tires came from any of the Preferred series Motor City Classics (I used the 70 Roadrunner..moving the redline rubbers from the Target Camaro to the Roadrunner). the orange stripes are pace car decals off e-pay. ya follow all that?!? :tongue:

..also, the silver is a stunt Camaro with the tampos removed, wheels came from a damaged Real Rider Malibu Grand Prix from a garage sale. ..and the evil black one is the Target exclusive, black base from the Wastelanders and gold 5 spokes from that mainline Shadow Mk IIa race car. whew!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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