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DeadHorseRising said:
Are all of these sets only 7.99?

I hope so...

You crack me up, my friend

No, the Head to Head 2 car sets - in one package are $7.99

The regular series JL cars are the normal $3.55 each

You crack me up!!! :cool:

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Looks like a nice set! I am jumping up and down about that Grecian Green 68 Impala! Only thing I can't tell from the angle is weather it is a Custom coupe or a convertible with uptop........though it appears to have chrome drip moldings.........not sure. Here's why I am happy about the color JL chose for the first 68 release.......... :thumbsup: This was my very first car, bought back in July 1975 and it still resides in my garage.
1 - 20 of 84 Posts
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