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51 Kaiser-Frazer Henry J "gasser"

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This was delivered to me today. I think I'll keep it!

1951 Kaiser-Frazer Henry J " gasser" by Brooklin (Rod 43rd) ROD 12

Frank :devil:
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Hey Frank, I believe what you're looking at in that video is just a different year. I think both are correct.
Dave :wave:
I think I know what's going on now....the taller tail fins with the small in-set taillights are 1951 and EARLY 1952 year models. (Like the one in the video you posted.)
Cars made later on starting mid-year in 1952 until production ceaced in '54, had the fins with the taillights built in like your model above.
Cars made later on starting mid-year in 1952.... like your model above.
Sorry, I miss-spoke here. I should have said they miss labeled your car as a '51...it would have to be a late '52 or older like you just said. :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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