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My next Cozmic Models BSG Hangar Equipment review is going to be the Maintenance Ladder. This comes as a one piece model with no construction needed. There are a few small bumps on the piece and Coz tells me there are where the printing support struts were attached. You will need to do a little cleaning up before you do any priming and painting.

I again used Testors Enamel Flat Red #1150TT to paint most of the ladder and a flat black acrylic for the tops of the steps, top of the ladder, support cushions and wheels. I also used the Vallejo Model Colour Natural Steel #70.864 for the wheel hinges. There are currently no decals but Coz is working on a set based on the images from the show.

For the last three images I used one of my scale drawings as a backdrop and the last image was taken in full sunlight.

This piece was easy-peasy as all I had to do was a little clean up, prime and paint it. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.




Update: this last image is of the decals Coz has come up with.
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