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Please mark which classes and which setup would work for you!

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2nd Annual Jamestown Oval Showdown

Change of Venue! The race will now be held at Team 1 Raceway in Falconer. (Formerly known as JT's R/C Raceway and Craftworld)

The inaugural running of the Jamestown Oval Showdown saw a decent crowd on what was a warm and sunny late April day with racers from NY, PA, OH, and even NC participating. The event will be again held at the track in Falconer, NY which has now been re-named Team 1 Raceway.

Event Date: April 3, 2010
Track opens 9:00am
Racing Starts 1:00 pm
3 heats and 8 car A-mains. Top 7 sorted to A with bumps.

Race Fees: $20 first class, $10 2nd, $5 each additional

Team 1 Raceway is located at 1756 Lindquist Dr. in Falconer, NY. (Directly across from Zahm & Matson John Deere)
  • Coming from the north, take I-90 to the Dunkirk/Fredonia exit, then Rte 60 south to Gerry. At the light in Gerry, go straight on to Gerry-Levant Rd. Follow Gerry-Levant, cross Rte 394, and Lindquist Dr. will the the first road on your left.
  • From East/west, take I-86/NY17 to the Falconer exit. Turn left onto 394. Gerry-Levant is the first road on the right and you'll make a quick left off that to Lindquist Dr.
Hotel info: There's a Red Roof in barely a mile from the track:

Jamestown Oval Showdown on Facebook

[email protected]

Classes Offered:
TOUR Sportsman 17.5 Truck (TOUR limited ESC)
TOUR 13.5 COT (open esc)
TOUR 10.5 Pro Stock (open esc)
SK Modified (limited esc)
Crate Late Model (Hooter Chassis Outlaw Tour)
13.5 Limited (Hooter Chassis Outlaw Tour)
EDM 17.5/2s (open esc)

Tentative Rules: (quick n simple for now)
  • TOUR Classes
    TOUR Rules
    17.5 Sportsman Truck will be the only TOUR class running the TOUR Limited ESC rule
  • SK Modified
    Any SK Chassis
    17.5 Motor
    TOUR-legal batteries
    Limited ESC - Tekin 200, mamba no CHEAT, etc.
    34 oz.
  • Limited 13.5 (HCOT)
    Nationwide Body, no wing, .75" spoiler max.
    SMC 25c 4000 ONLY
    No Mamba, Tekin only up to 200
    36 oz.
  • Crate Late Model
    Pan Car Chassis
    Dirt Late Model Body
    Spec Tires
    Trinity Spec 6 cell
    Tamiya Black Can Motor
    Weight 40 oz.
  • EDM Stock
    17.5 Brushless
    2s lipo up to 6000 mAh
    50 oz. Weight Limit
A quick recap of last year’s race results:
Pos name laps/time fast lap
Pro Stock 21.5 A-main
1. Bud Denning 63 4:02.552 3.624
2. Conor Mullen 63 4:03.479 3.656
3. Tom Etters 62 4:03.171 3.697

EDM A-main
1. Dylan Watier 52 4:02.774 3.842
2. Rick Morgan 51 4:00.801 4.110
3. Mike Jeffery 51 4:01.963 3.890

Stock 13.5 1s A-main
1. Mike O'Brien 60 4:01.187 3.803
2. Billy Kimpton 60 4:01.277 3.796
3. Dylan Watier 57 4:02.182 3.990

Mod 17.5 2s A-main
1. Bud Denning 67 4:08.431 3.419
2. James VanHorn 66 4:01.960 3.437
3. Jeff Patch 65 4:01.696 3.588

Crate Late Model A-main
1. Bob Grant 58 4:03.121 4.034
2. Billy Kimpton 58 4:03.262 4.001
3. Andrew Cowan 53 4:01.791 4.154

More Details to follow. :wave:

pancar schizophrenic
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dont quote me KB but im pretty sure most of the classes will have restrictions on ESC. pretty sure the only ones that will be open ESC will be the faster classes like 10.5 and 7.5. everything else should be limited on what you can run, but again u will have to ask the masters on that one!!!

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Barring a act of god, I'll be there to atleast run HCOT clases of crate and 13.5.

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If it's a Sat only race I'm in, can't do Easter Sunday. Made it last year and hope to make it this year again.


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Whats the posablity of seeing the HCOT crates useing a 17.5 with a limited ESC?

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A few things Matt forgot to mention that I think are worth a look for the guys who are thinking about traveling are as follows (forgive me if I get long winded):

1. There is a Best Western Right across the street from the Arena. There is also a Clarion Inn 2 blocks away.
2. The Arena wants this to be a yearly event, so the more people we are able to draw this year, the bigger and better the event will be Next year.
3. We wanted this race to go above and beyond being an event for the racer, meaning we want to try and get new people into the hobby. To do this, we are in the process of contacting 3-4 Drivers of different type cars to have vehicles on display at the event to draw in spectators. Also, on saturday, a small section of the arena will be being used for a Boy Scout Pinewood derby attend Boy Scouts from all over Western New York.
4. The Arena already webcasts Jamestown Jets hockey games, and we have the OK to use this same set-up to broadcast our event.

We are in the process of actively seeking sponsors for the event, so if your company (R/C related or not) is interested in event sponsorship, please contact Matt S on here and we can forward you the sponsorship package.

Rod, as far as the crates go, I think it would be served best if we stick to the current hooter tour rules, as the week after is the last race of the year for the Hooter tour and this will be a good warmup for that event. If we get enough outside interest of traveling guys who would like to participate, then we can discuss that at that point. We just need to get some kind of gauge in interest before we make a decision.

Kevin, thats a tough one. We could use the DODC rules to try and draw guys from Rochester to attend, but I think the rules packages are close enough that we are just planning on sticking with the Current HCOT rules for the event. I will Discuss with Matt and we will get back to you.

Talentless Hack
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I know tracks like Redneck and Radio Hill aren't following dodc rules, and that is a majority of your edm racing up this way during the winter. The structure is similar but they aren't requiring the use of dodc motors and batteries.

I would have to think if your going to run hcot 13.5 and tour 13.5, you should leave the tour class to open speedos, and keep the limited rule for the hcot class

Just two worthless pennies of thought :thumbsup:

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I edited it to reflect that...so basically if you want open 13.5, you run TOUR. If you want limited 13.5, you run HCOT. :thumbsup:

Also, I'd just like to add that there are a lot more details I have yet to mention, but just wanted to get this out there and gage reaction to it being Easter weekend before going too crazy.


Used to be racer......
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If plans pan out, 80x36. Our fallback plan would be 60x30. With ice-style turns of course.

Quite literally? :lol:

I hope to be there as long as I can get in the place. Didn't think to ask that when you were telling me about this idea Matt. It's "wheeler" accessible right?
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