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Just scored the MCG S&C Rel 1 Stock 67 GTO GM for $56 on ebay.
That brings my carded Emerald Green Machines count to 23.

Here is my lineup so far:

GL Launch Party Vette GM 1/250,
Reno Diecast 69 Mustang 429 GM 1/100,
Flames 69 Mustang 429 GM 1/100 (Flames Impala GM on order)
3 Corvette Release 1 GM's 1/40 (Very Hard set to put together)
6 MCG Rel 1 GM's 1/50 (1 of each of 6 castings)
10 MCG S & C Rel 1 GM's 1/70 (Still need Stock Impala and Stock 70 Camaro)
1 MCG S & C Rel 2 GM 1/70: Camaro Concept Custom GM

Sorry for no pic but I am not able to post pics on HT. I have no trouble posting on GLG but that function does not work for me here.

Also of note is the 1/225 1/24th scale Red Chrome 2005 Corvette which
I purchased from Mini Muscle Cars yesterday for 22.95 on sale plus 6.55 shipping. I have seen this car on the promo page of the GL site for awhile but could never find it on the MMC site. It does not come up when you search the GL cars section on that site. I searched in Corvettes and found it.
I don't know how long it has been for sale there but its very sweet and very low production plus it was on sale. I usually shy away from 1/24th but
this ones very cool.

Happy New Year, DrDeal
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