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22" AMT USS Constellation -Finished

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Here is my completed USS Constellation (just done today).

In between the nacelles is the Alternative Factor Interdimensional Ship that I am presently scratch-building.....Bob

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Thanks. I really had to bring this puppy back to life. I first built this model as a cutaway after my surgery 2 years ago. It was my first model since I was 10 years old...I'm 39 now. I had never pre-painted parts before assembly and had decided to try. What a mistake..I also hand painted (badly) many of the parts. Too many pain killers and zero concentration. Well to shorten the story....It was a bad cutaway with drooping pieces due to glue on paint.

A year later, I decided to build it whole and put lights in it. This was my first attempt with putty, and the seams still showed because I didn't spend enough time puttying and sanding.....

After discovering this site and some others...I realised that a major overhaul of this model (and 7 others that I built during that time) was necessary. I learned quite a bit form everyone here. I've even taken up scratch building...Challenging...but FUN!
Oh yeah, I also originally broke a few of the pieces by dropping them on the floor......includes a dome and sensor dish rod thingy.......I'm very happy to RESTORE this baby.
Wow, very nice!! I'm 80% done with a lighted 22" Constellation.All navs , strobes and interior lights work. For the damage on the strut I have some fiber optics that flash blue and white to represent the plasma conduits(?). I have JT decals for it too. I don't plan to make the grid on her, but the project has been fun and a challenge. Oh, I also plan on having the base look like the outer hull of the Doomsday machine. I hope it looks half as good as yours!
If you need the decals for the windows F91 let me know. I have my files in excel and word. with a printer and decal paper you could make your own...bob
Bob thanks. I'm just going with the stock lights and I've drilled out most of them. I'm also putting pieces of brass on the struts for those rectangular dealies.
uh......mmm....Hi there Rich....uh....well.......your not bringing that thing to Sci-Fan are ya?


Thanks Bob, I've been going back and forth between wanting to smash it to bits to being moderately pleased. Redid the entire saucer yester day and posted some detail shots of the brass and damage. What a female dog this has been!
Didn't find the detailed shots you mentioned. As a matter of fact, I am now in the process of building the 22" into the Constellation. I have gotten as far as lining up the two halves of the main saucer.

Boy what fun that has been! :rolleyes:
I'll post them when I get the chance......Bob
Here's a link to the saucer detail, there are more on page 3. Is your Constellation going to have Damage? I thought it would be easy......

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