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Today is the 54th day of the year! Which allows us to recognize Hot Wheels #54 today and up to Hot Wheels #365 by the end of 2021.

I know already that I do not have all these #s in my accumulation. And I am pretty sure that not all of them even exist currently, but I do have a lot of them! And hope that you have many of them too! Or the others I dont have. If you do notice a day of the year was skipped and/or you have that upcoming number feel free to post it up as the thread starter!.

I do plan to continue the Weekly Hot Wheels # threads to reach #52 by the end of 2021.

The preference is to 1st post the number as a racing number on the body casting. 2nd as part of the other number series or name found on the casting and then 3rd as part of the packaging from those you have in your collection!
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