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In 2016, Matchbox increased its annual casting list to 125 individual models. The CORE and USA castings were the same for this year. They were released in various assortments in case lots throughout the year. Four series designations were used to group casting types - Adventure City, Construction, Heroic Rescue and Explorers. Nine new models were introduced in the Adventure City series, 3 in the Construction Series, 6 in the Heroic Rescue and Explorers and 8 in the Explorers line. (Does anyone know which casting was dropped out?)

Additional product releases include

5, 9 and 10 packs (with exclusive models availalbe in the 9 and 10 pack boxes)
Power Grabs
Best of Matchbox
Learning Blox
Jeep Series
Land Rover Series
Shark Week Series

My primary reference sources are Wiki's List of 2016 Matchbox | Matchbox Cars Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia information listings available at the time of this post or edit date with their informatoin coming primarily from the Matchbox Forum CATALOG REGULAR MB75 pages.
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