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2012 Ultra G Cup Round 2

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Good evening race fans James T. Jet here for HOTV with complete coverage of the 2012 Ultra G Cup Race from GreenRun Speedway in chilly Virginia Beach, VA. Covering the round 2 of this year’s race we have our color infield announcer Smokey Hughes and HOTV camera lady Aurora Cannon.
Let’s go to Smokey in the infield.

Thanks TJET fans. A question I get ask often is how can all these cars be raced on the same track with one controller. That’s an easy one, the official controller of Green Run Speedway is One Stop Slot Shop’ Stage III. GreenRun uses the transistor board and makes the majority of the TJETS drive the same and if there is a really tight chassis just dial in a little coast and that smooths things out greatly.

What a round the Clyde-O-Mite Cheetah came to life on the orange lane and had a perfect heat turning in 13 laps to pull a head of Corrie Motors GT40. Here is a shot Aurora got of the Cheetah, Team Vanelli's cars and Team Placebo.

Corrie Motors had to go into the pits and change its left tire to a larger diameter as it was hanging up in several different curves. They could only turn in 11 laps and barely are hanging on to second place with Team Clyde-O-Mite’s Hot Rod right on their tail. Miss Cannon caught them in action here.

Team Vanelli’s Gt40 moved up to 4th with a very nice run and Team Angelis’s FT40 moved up 2 spots to 5th. Team Vanellis’s Camaro had some trouble on the back curves and dropped 2 spots with Team Placebo bringing up the rear.
Here is a look at the leader board and how they stand now.

POS Pos R1 Team R1 Best Time Laps/Sec Total Laps
1 1 Clyde-O-mite # 2 12.12 2.182 13.09 25.09.0
2 2 Corrie Motors 12.08 2.333 11.16 23.16.9
3 3 Clyde-O-mite # 0 12.03 2.442 11.16 23.16.7
4 5 Vanelli #23 10.13 2.425 12.12 22.12.0
5 7 Angelis # 230 10.04 2.514 11.14 21.14.0
6 4 Vanelli #10 10.22 2.664 11.09 21.09.0
7 6 Placebo # 13 10.12 2.738 10.07 20.07.0

Back to you James.

Thanks Smokey and Aurora. Looks like its going to be some tight racing for 2nd place. Next round will be on yellow lane and things should speed up.
But before we leave we need to thank our fantastic sponsors.
BRP - Home of so cool ho resin bodies. Check out Tom’s latest creations here:

Bubba’s Racecar Shells. Resin TJETs bodies. (Don’t know if he has a web site will find out)

Buds HO Cars - Great website, Great prices and Great selection that’s Bud check out his online store here:

C & R Racing - Makers of most excellent waterslide decals. Take a look here:

JAG Hobbies – A great online Hobby Shop has everything you need for racing and cruising and modeling your favorite HO cars. Check Jim’s selection out here:

JW’s TJET Speed Parts - If you have a need for speed or just plain want to improve your TJETS check out Alan’s offerings here. Great tools he even has a speed shop at Green Run Speedway.

MEV - Mike does TJETs right. Some the best TJET bodies in the HO universe. Got to love his racer series bodies. Check out MEV’s latest here:

One Stop Slot Shop – High performance parts, tools and great controllers. Stage III the official controller of GreenRun Speedway. Check out Jerry’s website here:

RMT Customs - Model Car Magazine on DVD. Check them out at:

Slot Car Express – The are a brand new sponsor for GreenRun Speedway. They carry stuff for 1/32, 1/43 and 1/64. Some urethane tires that will be tested this week end. Also a nice selction of lubricants and cleaners. Check out their website at:

Thanks again to our great sponsors stay tuned to HOTV we will be back with Round 3 tomorrow night. Good night and God Bless.
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