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The Nitro-West-Masters will start into its fourth season in the coming weekend. Five races are scheduled in 2012 for this growing championship in Western Germany, which has attracted 93 nitro racers in 2011. Fair racing, long finals, stable rules and a friendly atmosphere are the key points of the Nitro-West-Masters. Three classes are offered, 1/8 scale nitro on-road (VG8), 1/10 scale nitro on-road (VG10) and 1/8 scale nitro on-road Hobby-Cup (HC8) with standard engines from Novarossi or Sonic. The race format includes three heats of seven minutes with the three best laps to count and finals as long as possible, depending on number of participants and weather. Tyre additives are prohibited. Drivers also from foreign countries are welcome, a license isn’t mandatory, in that case an additional insurance fee is to be paid.

The season-opener means already the first highlight. For the first time since 2003 a race will be held at the 234 metre track at Haltern (located between Bochum and Muenster), which has a long history and has been well prepared for its long-waited comeback at Whitsun (26/27 May). Following round two at Dueren (close to Aachen, 09/10 June), where the first race of this nitro on-road series was held in 2009, round three will take place at Dormagen (in the north of Cologne, 11/12 August) and include the warm-up for the 1/8 scale German Nationals. End of Septembre (29/30) the championship will make its first appearance outside Germany at Velp in The Netherlands (near Arnheim) before it comes to a great show-down at Oberhausen (13/14 October) which is not only the finale of the 2012 Nitro-West-Masters but most likely the last race at this famous track, before the announced close-down of the heart of rc-racing in Western Germany.

The 2012 schedule of the Nitro-West-Masters:
#1 – 25/27 May – Haltern
#2 – 09/10 June – Dueren
#3 – 11/12 August – Dormagen
#4 – 29/30 September – Velp/NL
#5 – 13/13 October – Oberhausen

Traditionally lots of trophies will be handed over to the best in a ceremonial price-giving at the Nitro-West-Brunch early November.

In 2011 the Nitro-West-Masters had a great season with 33 percent more participants than 2010, with five exciting races in excellent atmosphere and with some nice parties. Serpent racer Ralf Vahrenkamp became champion in the VG8 category in front of Uwe Baldes (Mugen) and Ingo Odenthal (Serpent). In VG10 Serpent team driver René Puepke took the title ahead of his Serpent mate Benny Lehmann and Daniel Toennessen (Mugen). The HC8 class had a promising start into the series and saw Reinhard Zick winning the title, followed by his two Mugen fellows, young Christian Roenicke and Luigi Pili from The Netherlands.

Further information about the Nitro-West-Masters including the regulations can be found at the German website www.nitro-west.de. Entries can be made online at the same website.

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