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Here we go again!!!


For the most part we will follow TOUR rules to the letter.

Deviations will be-​
  • 21.5/2cell will follow BRL rules. BUT, we will run them with 10.5/1 cell TOUR cars.​
  • Spec pancars will run under the same rules that they have for years. Spec motor, spec battery, spec tires. BUT, we will run them with 17.5/1cell cars with spec tires.​
1. Any standard pancar chassis.
2. SMC 4000 mah 25c single cell battery ONLY!
3. 13.5 NOVAK or OHP 13.5.
4. Novak, LRP or Tekin ESC.
5. Protoform or McAllister Truck Body with tailgate intact and manufacturers spoiler. McAllister Truck body part #176, #203, #218, #245. Protoform ORT Truck body part #1227-21.
6. BSR Spec Tires - Greens, Blues, Silvers ONLY. BSR's ONLY!
7. Trucks must have a number on the roof and both doors.
8. Roof Height minimum 4 3/8".
9. 21.5 Drivers that finished in the top 6 in points at MP are not eligible to race in this class.
We will tech for motor, battery [brand and voltage-4.22 volts], tires and anything else that is deemed neccessary.​

TECH - Voltage will be checked immediately before you put your car on the track before each race. Other items such as roof height, motor (type and temperature), battery(voltage and temperature), tires, body, weight etc., will be checked if you TQ, place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any main or someone files a protest. Protestants will be charged $20 to file a claim. If the claim is substantiated the protestant will be refunded the $20 and the catholic will be disqualified.:) Tell me that ain't funny!

ROAR approved battery list for all classes except SST.​

Please do yourself a favor and read the TOUR rules from the link below. It contains important information about batterys, motors and certain dimensions that will be teched.​


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Hi Casey!
Hi Scott!

Must be almost time to go racing, my wallet is getting emptier by the day...
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