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When it comes to seeing images, many of the new castings are still not finished, so images are not available. The closest we have are the images as shown at....


These are the same images as will appear on the 2008 poster.

When it comes to the new tools, this is the latest updated 2008 list....

MB732 Badlander (not in basic range - currently in use as a playset exclusive)
MB733 1955 Ford F100 Panel Delivery Van (MB64 in basic range)
MB734 1970 VW T2 Bus (MB79US/MB55LAAM & ROW)
MB735 1968 Citroen DS (MB1)
MB736 1975 Chevy Stepside (MB79US/MB29LAAM/MB8ROW)
MB737 Quarry King (MB57)
MB738 VW Type 181 (MB76US/MB16LAAM & ROW)
MB739 1969 Cadillac Sedan DeVille (MB2)
MB740 N/A (already used in the 1970s)
MB741 2007 VW Caddy (MB46)
MB742 2008 Garbage Truck (MB47US/ROW only)
MB743 N/A (already used in the 1970s)
MB744 2007 Shelby Cobra Convertible (MB11)
MB745 Scraper (MB58)
MB746 1939 Chevy Van (cost reduced MB215 - not used in basic range)
MB747 Travel Trailer (cost reduced MB718 - not used in basic range)
MB748 Rock Crawler II (MB88US/MB62LAAM & ROW)
MB749 2008 Chevy Corvette ZR1 (MB9)
MB750 2008 New Lotus (model name not released until launch) (MB10)
MB751 2007 Subaru Impreza Police (MB45)
MB752 2008 Mazda 2 (MB27)
MB753 2007 Honda Civic Type R (MB26)
MB754 2008 Morgan Aeromax (MB12)
MB755 Pierce Fire Engine (MB75)
MBxxx (likely MB756 - TBD) Motor Home Toy Box (MB77US/MB28LAAM/MB5ROW)

There are 23 new or updated toolings for 2008. The 2 N/As are due to Matchbox using these numbers before in the 1970s to make it easier to follow for making twin packs as they used models not in the basic range at the time. Two tools were updated (the Chevy Van redsigned to make it easier to build in the factory building during production and the Travel Trailer to change the main body from metal to plastic). One model (the first on the list) is not in the 2008 basic range, although may appear next year or the year after in the basic range, it has not been ruled out completely from appearing as a basic range model. This leaves us with the other 20 new castings as will appear in the basic range.

:) :D :p
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