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I started this same thread for 2007 so I`m doing it again for 2008.

1. Of course a 1971`Cuda hardtop[GL is doing one but I`d still love to see it]
2. 1970 cuda convertible
3. 72-74 barracuda and cuda
4.1986 Shelby GLHS
5.1975 plymouth roadrunner
6.1982 dodge mirada CMX 360
7.1989 pontiac trans am turbo
8.1989 dodge daytona shelby/92-93 daytona iroc r/t
9.1998-03 dodge dakota r/t 5.9
10.1998 jeep grand cherokee 5.9 limited [deep slate of course]

I actually forgot a few........
a whole assortment or pack of all dodge/chrysler/jeep SRT vehicles[is that asking too much?] :rolleyes:

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1999 Inverse Trans Am WS6 Convertable
1998 Hurst Edition Trans Am t-top
2002 Collectors Edition Trans Am WS6 Convertable
1998 NHRA Edition Trans Am (flat hood)
2001 10th anniversary Firehawk
1998 Firehawk concept with clear lights
2000 Firehawk with ol lumpy hood
2006 C6 Corvette Z06
2006 GTO (ram air hood)
2008 Camaro SS
2008 GTO
2008 Corvette SS

yea its a big list, but I can dream cant I. lol

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well many of my past wish list wants has come true, the 64 dodge, 68 impala, 70 dodge super bee, dodge coronet conv., maverick from JL, plus others from GL

this years wish list:
more mavericks in different colors, 1970 non grabber, green with black int.,
1970 grabber red (orange red) with black int.

93 mercury cougar 5.0
75 to 77 ford granada
75 to 79 chyrsler cordoba, dodge magnum, 79 300
70 or 71 Fury sport, or 70 300 H
any 1959 to 1965 Mopar including the 60 desoto 2 door
76 to 79 volare/ aspen

1965 pontiac grand Prix

2011 VW NB Final Edition
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A Before and After series (kinda goes with the PIP's).

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1989 GMC Sierra(Could go well with PIP sets, and if they ever introduced a trailer and started doing dioramas again, could go even better with PIP.)
1971 Plymouth Cuda hardtop.
1998-2002 Chevrolet Camaro(I'd love for this to be retooled to look at good as its Trans Am sister.)
1998-2002 Pontiac Firebird Formula tooling
1993 Ford Mustang(retool)
Charger PIP(Could do wonders with this)
Superbird PIP

That's just the tip of the iceburg for me.

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With abounding optimism:
Themed Dioramas with scale accessories. I'd really like to see some race cars with support vehicles.
Trucks big weighty delivery box/flatbed types in 1:72 Scale
More two packs with trailers, Boats, trailers (flatbed / Camping)

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If this is a wish list then I'm goin for it! :thumbsup:
'67-'79 chevy/gmc pickup (no '67-'72 gmc, sorry personal taste) prefer '73-'79
'61-'79 ford pickup, prefer '61-'66 '78-'79
any '60's-mid '80's wagons (cant wait to see what the wicked wagons will be)
bigger trucks, like the older F-450 fords and chevy C-50's (dodge ?) on up.
This is a WISH list isn't it?
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