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(2007) TQ Cells - Support Thread!

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With new year coming, thought a lighter new thread would be welcome...

In the older thread, Bret "The Jet" asked ...

"I was wondering what's in the near future...Higher voltage, runtime, or even lower resistance???
Are we looking at a new cell soon, or just improvements on the current WC4200???

Thanks, Bret

There shouldn't be any higher voltage for the next few months at least.

Intellect is now focusing on making the IB4200WC cell more stable, ideally totally eliminating the occasionnaly shorted cell issue. Their current cell have slightly less voltage (approx. -0.004V) but the Actual Internal Resistance has been been improved (approx. -0.1mOhm) ...

Cells' power is generated via voltage and resistance so the end result is yet great performances on the track.

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Steve, What do you think the mah of the batteries is going to be this year? Sticking to 4200 or maybe a big or little leap? Just curious if you have a time frame of IB's product plan. One of the series that I compete in is thinking of locking the battery rule at 4600 and I wanted to know if that was a reasonable rule with what will be available.

Happy New Year!
First Race of our Winter Series - TQ & A Main Win 4300, A Main Win Modified. Love the cells!
Silva Oval Classic 4300 A Main Win! TQ's are the best!
Steve, Sent an email, but didn't hear back. What is the battery stock looking like for the next few weeks? Thanks.
4300 TQ + A Main Win - First race of the California Paved Oval Championship Series (CPOC's) TQ Power Rocks! Thanks Steve, Scot
New modified track record and A Main Win at the Encino Velodrome Saturday. First and only car to ever go 32 laps! Thanks Steve!
1 - 7 of 482 Posts
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