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(2007) TQ Cells - Support Thread!

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With new year coming, thought a lighter new thread would be welcome...

In the older thread, Bret "The Jet" asked ...

"I was wondering what's in the near future...Higher voltage, runtime, or even lower resistance???
Are we looking at a new cell soon, or just improvements on the current WC4200???

Thanks, Bret

There shouldn't be any higher voltage for the next few months at least.

Intellect is now focusing on making the IB4200WC cell more stable, ideally totally eliminating the occasionnaly shorted cell issue. Their current cell have slightly less voltage (approx. -0.004V) but the Actual Internal Resistance has been been improved (approx. -0.1mOhm) ...

Cells' power is generated via voltage and resistance so the end result is yet great performances on the track.

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TQ Cells - TQ at Marshall's Saturday night 4 cell stock. Finished second with a last lap wreck after the buzzer.

TQ Cells on the pole at Marshall's 19t and then was delivered on the backstretch first lap. Awesome power!!!!

Great Win Eric! Stayed out in front and lead the whole thing in stock. Very cool Helmet also. Steve awesome come back in 19t to getting back towards the front. Thanks for the tips and help over the best week in R/C racing. Glad to be home and watching this Icy Snow fall to the ground. Dave P thanks for the laughs.

TQ Cells qualified 1 & 2 at Marshall's Cabin Fever 19T. Bad luck for both cars in the mains.
Thanks Steve for the good service and great packs. Nice to see you guys at the Custom Works Race. Packs performed and cycled exactly what the label showed. We all wish that we could have finished the race (Rain Out). 2nd Qualifier at the Custom Works Race in Seaford, Delaware. Qualified 3rd and finished 4th at the ORL Race the next day. Car had plenty power but made some mistakes in the main.

Walter Stuber
Oval Racing Concepts
TQ Cells
New Cells look good. We will see how they work next weekend.

Phil actually ran quicker in his 13.5 main than he TQ'd with. He was one fast cat. I only qualified 4th to him.

Steve, TQ Cells worked great last night at Marshall's. Marty Bower TQ and Win and I qualified 5th. 13.5 Class had 26 car field for a Regular Saturday Night Show.

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