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(2007) TQ Cells - Support Thread!

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With new year coming, thought a lighter new thread would be welcome...

In the older thread, Bret "The Jet" asked ...

"I was wondering what's in the near future...Higher voltage, runtime, or even lower resistance???
Are we looking at a new cell soon, or just improvements on the current WC4200???

Thanks, Bret

There shouldn't be any higher voltage for the next few months at least.

Intellect is now focusing on making the IB4200WC cell more stable, ideally totally eliminating the occasionnaly shorted cell issue. Their current cell have slightly less voltage (approx. -0.004V) but the Actual Internal Resistance has been been improved (approx. -0.1mOhm) ...

Cells' power is generated via voltage and resistance so the end result is yet great performances on the track.

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What stores online carry your cells? Would like try a set.


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