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saturday april 21st mtr speedway
saturday may 26th strickland r/c club
saturday june 23rd hobby world
saturday august 4th superior hobbies
saturday september 22nd fast tracks
saturday october 27th speedline/quaker steak and lube

some new rules for 2007
brushless 4300 will adopt the brl rules package
brushless weights will be 41 ounces
all other 10th scale classes will be 40 ounces
end of year cups will be handed out at the first race of the new season.
sundays will be the rain date at every race except superior hobbies.
we are off in july too damn hot!
none of the races will be run at night! all races will begin at 11:30 am on saturday (weather permitting)
the pro stock class is gone! we will just have a stock class.
stock class will use any ROAR legal stock motor.
all 19 turn classes will continue to use the ultrabird motors

pro 19 turn
12th 19 turn
sportsman 19 turn
novak 4300 brushless
sprint car 19 turn

so far for voting we have the battery issue
any 4300 cell and under
any cell up to 4800 mah
only IB 4200 cells

i never received a new track proposal from anyone outside of the six listed above.so just like in 2006 the tracks remain the same.

working hard on new and old sponsors
focars owns it's own lap top now and with the help of david croy,mike boylan and mike bean we should have live scoring for 2007!! that and the points should be updates within 24 hours of a race!

monster thanks to everyone who came out and supported the series in 2006!

thank you rich boehmler
mike boylan
dave pull
david butts
george ramos
bud johnson
ronnie hames
mike bean and crew
kenny holmes
harold briley


i think 2006 was a very good year for oval racing in florida! I look forward to 2007!


1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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