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2007 'Fest castings.

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Many thanks for the favorable response to the 2007 'Fest thread above. I'm going to go ahead and release these "Lost 'Fest Castings" for lack of a better term starting Thursday Night at 8:00 Eastern time by private e-mail to me. My e-mails are time driven so I will open them and confirm your reservation starting Friday morning in the order I get them. The first attempt will be in complete sets so everybody can have matching numbers if possible. We'll limit the sets to two full sets per person and see how it goes. When I do fill the orders I'll pull one random Rocket 500 car out of a box and which ever number that car is, the other three cars will be hand pulled to match that number. Keeps it random and fair I hope. A full car set will include one PSR Camaro, one ET Cobra, One Rocket 500 blue chrome Topper and one raw Custom Commuter, all pad printed, matching number with the two Toppers in baggies as shown and the ET and Cobra in factory crystal boxes. Each set iof four carss 30.00 total and it includes shipping. Two sets is 60.00. If we don't sell out then I'll take inventory after original orders and sell them each invividually.

Please e-mail me direct, not here on HobbyTalk starting at 8:00 Eastern time, Thursday night, 01/25/07 at [email protected]. I'll need your name and number of sets please.

Many thanks to all.

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Sounds good Mark, I'm sure it'll be a successful sale. :thumbsup:
On my calender. Hmmm, I dont get home until after 11:00.

Can payment be sent at 8PM Thursday or will you announce when payments can be mailed?

After I verify the reservation, payments can be sent. I'm actually buying myself a little time since I don't have possesion of all the cars yet. I know pay periods in this economy are a fact of life so payments can start a week to two weeks after Friday as far as I'm concerned. Should have a firm grasp of all cars by then and it limits pay to mail time ratio. Does that sound right? lol Anybody who has issues like that can just give me a head's up in the e-mail. I've never pressed a person for payment in my life for die-cast.
Where's the pics? :wave:

Sorry I didn't see the previous thread had dropped way down and is not a sticky anymore.
rlyoung1 said:
Where's the pics? :wave:
Other thread. Can you covert a .pub file to a jpeg? If so I'll send it to you or anyone else. It's the early photoshop version but it shows you how for certain the Camaro and Cobra look.
Iv'e seen the cars in person and I can say "WOW". Mark has done it again wwith the 07 fest castings. These are a must have for the my collector case.
Thanks Mark for making this possible, These will truely be a highlight in my collection!
Pics will be converted tomorrow. Got to do it at work. I'll have em up ASAP.

Major issues with the pub files. Did they come from overseas? My computer can only see them as text files. :freak:
Marked my calendar...watching the clock :roll:

Jim C.
I will be out thursday
But i would like 2 sets
exece said:
Marked my calendar

I Hosaflooked mine. :thumbsup: :wave:
rlyoung1 said:
Where's the pics? :wave:

Sorry I didn't see the previous thread had dropped way down and is not a sticky anymore.
I just bumped it for ya.:dude:
TONIGHTS THE NIGHT! Warm up you email baby! its almost go time!
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