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2007 ADDWC Charity Car

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2007 AutoFest ADDWC Charity Casting

This year we are “On a Mission” to continue our awesome tradition of a special show casting directly associated with our charity of choice, ADDWC. This years casting comes in a jaw dropping THREE variations. The blue and black stripe version will be sold as a pair and the white stripe version is the Chase Car. When offered for sale it will be in the same price format as posted for the Pace Car earlier today. Delivery of this car looks to be late July and at this point we need to finalize this years sponsor logos. The examples shown are based off of some of last year’s logos to give you an idea of the design format and “look”. The graphics will remain the same but the sponsor logos depend on this year’s interest level and number involved.

Today we are offering up the two items we need finalize for the casting. First, we will be auctioning off the Mechanic’s name to the high bidder just as we did last year. You can immortalize yourself or a friend forever on this die-cast simply by winning the bid. Like last year you may purchase a spot on the car with your personal or company logo for 50.00 and it will be placed in one special spot on the car. All art must be supplied to me in Vector Art format so that Mike Grothuis designs can add it to the casting without duplication issues. Your logo will appear in the same spot of each variation. I final version will be posted after the auction ends and sponsor bid art is received.

Casting details

300 – blue stripe version

300- black stripe version

150 – white stripe version

Factory produced piece with metal chassis and sealed in a blister. Show exclusive colors graphics and especially the format makes this one very special offering. Blisters will be numbered and sets will be matched.

All art information needs to be e-mailed to: [email protected]

To be able to keep track of the Mechanics name auction, we will post the actual auction at one site only so people can keep track of it. It will be posted on HobbyTalk under Motor Max and the thread heading will be ADDWC “Mechanics Name Charity Contest” The contest will start today and end Wednesday night, February 28th at 9:00 Central IN time.

As always, THANK YOU!!!!

Mark Hosaflook


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