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Guys; just to get the word out, there will be a Concours event at the 2004 Virginia Oval Championships on December 4th, at Thunder Road RC Speedway, in Gordonsville, VA. Rules follow:

(1) Concours will be judged prior to the first heat.

(2) Concours entries will be limited to those cars and bodies actually participating in the race. Any entry in Concours which fails to compete will be disqualified. Any damage resulting from practice will be ignored.

(3) All Classes will be judged together. Plaques will be presented to the winner in each Category.

(4) Cars will be judged in three Categories:
(A) Best NASCAR Replica. The entry should be an exact replice of a given current or past NASCAR entry. Photos or representations of the actual NASCAR entry are allowed and encouraged.
(B) Best in Appearance. The entry will be judged solely on appearance; and need not be a representation of an actual past or current NASCAR entry; but must be a NASCAR Theme.
(C) Racers Choice. The entry will be judged by the voice or hand vote of the assembled throng; with no discernable criteria beyond whatever seems to motivate the masses.

(5) All decisions of the judge are final; with no protest allowed.

(6) Ernie P. will be, or will appoint, the sole judge; and may/may not seek counsel from any person or resource available.

Thanks; Ernie P. :cool:

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As a result of the proposed ARCOR rules for the Min-T's, the following rules will be used for Mini-T Stock And Mini-T Modified for the 2004 Virginia Oval Championships. Specific questions should be addressed to me at thunderroadrc.com or [email protected] hotmail.com. Thanks; Ernie P. :cool:


Mini-T Stock Class will be run as a box stock class. The *ONLY* option we will allow is (in the interest of economy) a rechargeable battery pack, rather than four individual cells. The optional battery pack offered for the Mini-T's is a *five-cell* 1200 mAh pack. We'll allow that mod; just to keep people from having to buy individual, non-rechargeable, cells; or to purchase a special purpose charging setup.


The Mini-T Open modified class will have no limitations on motors, electronics, or replacement parts, to include any after-market part designed for the Mini-T. Motor approval for the Mini-T Open Modified class is not necessary. Batteries will be limited to a maximum 6 cells for the Mini-T Open Modified Class.

1. CHASSIS: Modifications and/or hop up chassis replacement chassis allowed. Graphite chassis are allowed.
2. STEERING: Titanium or steel turnbuckles, end balls may be changed from the original as supplied with the Mini-T RTR. Original equipment servo saver may be changed from that supplied with the Mini-T RTR
3. Ball bearings may be used on the front and rear axles.
4. RADIO/ELECTRONICS: May be changed from original equipment.
5. SHOCKS: Replacement oil shocks may be used, that are specifically manufactured for the Mini-T RTR
6. ELECTRONIC CONNECTORS: Motor or battery plugs are not required, direct soldering is allowed.
7. BODIES: Original truck body or any body designed specifically for Oval racing to include sprint cars, EDM cars Coupes or Sedans associated with Legends type racing. No changes allowed from the trim lines, except for 1/8” tolerance around wheel openings. Body must be painted and all windows clear. Bodies may not be excessively trimmed. All windows will be clear and remain intact. Tracks may allow different body styles to run together.
8. No roll over or stiff antennas are allowed. Antenna may be mounted under the body.
9. TIRES and WHEELS: Any tire or wheel specifically designed for the Mini-T will be allowed.
10. MOTORS Any after-market motor allowed, including the brushless motor system.
11. BATTERIES: Maximum 6C ONLY AA size batteries, these may be Alkaline, Ni-Cad or NiMh rechargeable.
12. GEARS: Any gearing
13. REVERSE: Not normally allowed, it should not be required, but can be a track option.
14. RACE LENGTH: 4 minute races.
15. DRIVE TRAIN: Any replacement parts allowed.
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