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Monee R/C Raceway presents
2004 Nitro Tour Championships/Fall Roundup
October 22nd - 24th.
Monee, IL

Oct 21st: Regular Track Practice 6pm - 10pm
Oct 22nd: Open Practice 12noon - 6pm
10pm - midnight(following regular electric show)
Oct 23rd: Open Practice 9am - 12:30
2 rounds of Qualifying @ 1:00pm
Free NitroTour Cookout after Qualifying ends!!!
Oct 24th: Open Practice 9am - 10:30am
Last Qualifier & Mains @ 11:00am

This track runs molded rubber tires only. No foam tires. No silicon caps. No rubber caps. Ths is a Nitro only event. No alcoholic beverages permitted at the track.

All Qualifiers are 4 Minutes.
All Mains are 5 Minutes

Nitro Classes:
Bigblock EDM
Smallblock EDM/Trucks
Latemodel Sportsman

Download the Nitro Tour Flyer Here

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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