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Alright, the Convention is over. I did the CAF tour this morning and got a few good shots.
I also finished getting all of the model pics I was interested in (hope they interest you as well). which means a total of 500+ today and over 1300 pics overall.
You will notice a lot of pics with no names yet. I just haven't had the time to do this for everything yet (and some I just don't know). Over the next week I will be going through these and hopefully naming them all (at least in someway). I may also sort them into separate galleries based on type instead of day (will see how industrious I get).
We would love to get some feedback on our site regarding this either in our forum or by email. I will also be looking for more comments here.
If you couldn't make it, you missed a great show. If you were here, you know what I am talking about.
This is all from Phoenix.
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