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I have the following cars to trade from the 2004 Lightning Fest, Package deal only please.

1 of 175 1983 Hurst Olds Dinner car #087

1 of 175 1970 Plymouth Cuda Dinner car #98

1 of 1200 1962 Chevrolet Belair

1 of 500 Yenko Camaro slot car

69 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Pace car ( I forgot how many of these were made) Sorry I don't have a camera so I cant send pictures.

The Olds and Cuda went from the grab bag into Protecto packs, So they are about as mint as they come,The slot car, Belair and Pace car are still sealed, The Belair has a couple white spots on the corners other wise those are mint condition (Unless you are one of those ultra picky people, Then I'm sure you can find something wrong with them :p ) Looking to trade for newer WL cars,(from this year) mainly Muscle cars. I dont collect any Tampo cars..Clue, Spiderman,Monopoly,Coke etc. A couple older cars I'm still lookig for are Marion Harmon Willy's Gasser, The metalic green VW, An American Tank and a airplane set, I dont have any Zinger cars and would like to have at least one in the collection. A red 67 GTO( before Larry has them all) A couple regular edition cars I want are the BWF Rebel Machine and Skyline..I have all the 10th Anniversary Hobby only cars plus the Hummer and GTO and store release cars up to the Little Red Wagon, so any thing after that is a possible trade. I've never done a multible trade before so dont be offended if I turn you down, I have a lot of WL cars(300+) and don't want/need any doubles...Sorry for the long read.. Let me know what you have, Send pictures if possible :thumbsup: E-mail at [email protected] Thanks
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