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Original film crew model builder on Kubrick's 2001 is a guest at Pure Speculation con

Breaking this out of the Pan Am space clipper thread since it's time sensitive.

An Sf convention in Edmonton, Alberta in November has Michael Mott as a guest. He was a film crew model maker on Kubrick's 2001. I'm not sure I can make it there but perhaps someone can to see his panel and ask questions.


his bio from the con website:
Michael Mott

Born in England, Michael has been active in some form of art since 1954. His early work was mostly drawing and his first oil painting was done in 1963 --a copy of Albert Durer's Squirrel. He began a Tool and Die-making apprenticeship in 1964 but only completed one year. Switching to Models and displays, while working for a model engineering company, Michael designed and built props for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, the BBC and many others. He emigrated to Canada in 1967, settling in Calgary. Eventually his work brought him to Edmonton, and in 1969 Michael began working for the Department of Fine Arts at the U of A, where he taught materials and machining processes from 1969-1977. In 1977 Michael started Professional Scale Model Building Company ltd. The company operated from 1977-1984. From 1984 to 2002 Michael worked as the Exhibit designer at the then-called Edmonton Space and Science Centre. During his time at the Science Centre, he developed an interest in Astronomy and began the series of drawings of galaxies. Michael began working in watercolour in 1992 and also continues to work in sculpture with various materials.
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