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After a rain out of Friday's practice day, the Saturday practice and race schedule was modified to race all 3 rounds of qualifying and the lower mains on Saturday with the optional rain day of Sunday used to race the "B" and "A" mains!

Lance Norrick and the Farm crew did a great job of getting the track ready for some serious racing action and the track was hooked up! That is why the Farm is the top off road track in the USA right now!

After 3 hard fought rounds of qualifying Doug Tudor and his Novak powered Losi XXXT TQed all 3 rounds followed closely by Barry Petit's Novak powered Associated T-4 and Dennis Allison's Novak powered Associated T-4.

The 15 truck field was filled after a hard fought 15 minute "B" main early Saturday mourning with the track frozen and ice in several spots on the track that did not seem to bother Victor Digiuseppi and Timothy Habiuk from making the bump up to the "A" main.

Here is most of the 15 truck "A" main boys getting ready for battle!

The 20 minute non-stop "A" main started with Dennis Allison leading the first lap that followed with Richard Medlin leading the next 2 laps that swapped around several times each lap that included Doug Tudor and Derreck Martin taking command on lap 4 leaving the Doug, Dennis, Richard, George Hagy and the Barry Petit who caught up after a rough start to make it very tight 5 way battle for 2nd place swapping the position around several times allowing Dereck Martin to stretch out his lead in the top spot. Richard and Dennis experienced some breakage and fell out.

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The race ended with several positions not decided till the last couple of corners including Barry Petit barely holding on to 2nd place spot after breaking an "A" arm near the end of the race edging out Doug Tudor. Congratulations to Dereck Martin on the big Pro Truck win!

Congrats to the top 3 in Pro Truck!

Dereck Martin 28 20:10.871
Barry Petit 27 20:10.875
Doug Tudor 27 20:21.262
George Hagy 27 20:42.488
Steve Adams 26 20:30.804
Tim Hepler 25 20:26.486
Monti Pope 25 20:28.482
Brad Powell 24 20.34.482
Dennis Allison 18 20:11.517
Scot Caraway 15 13:30.865
Victor Digiuseppi 13 20:19.407
Timothy Habiuk 12 13:31.989
Richard Medlin 11 8:26.671
Ray Zander 6 4:58.511
Carl Fisher 0

Great Job to all the electric Pro Truck racers on the big debut at the Farm II!

Thank you Jon Martin and Lance Norrick for a Great series to let us race in!

See everybody at race #2 at the Farm II again!

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Electric Pro Trucks ECNS Round 2 @ The Farm II Raceway in Charlotte, NC

A Great Weekend for racing and the Pro Trucks were lined up ready to take to the track.

Driver's on the driver stand ready to start the "A" main!


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Lined up ready to go with Richard Medlin TQed up front!

The first lap around has Dereck Martin jumping to the front with Barry Petit, Dennis Allison, Monti Pope and Richard Medlin in hot pursuit.

On Lap #2 Barry Petit takes charge from Dereck Martin!

On Lap #10 Dereck Martin takes charge!

Barry Petit and Richard Medlin have a fearce battle for 3rd!

Dennis Allison and Monti Pope battle for the 4th spot right up until the last lap!

The final results are in with Dereck Martin coming out on top with Barry Petit and Richard Medlin taking the podium with Novak equipment sweeping the top 3 spots!!!!

Congratulations to all for some great racing!!!!

Dereck Martin 30 20:19.525
Barry Petit 30 20:49.410
Richard Medlin 29 20:06.957
Monti Pope 28 20:39.211
Dennis Allison 28 20:53.126
Ray Zander 27 20:28.815
Tim Hepler 26 20:19.005
Clay Tritt 25 20:04.901
Brad Powell 24 20:45.353
Doug Tudor 21 16:39.351
Rich Dupuis 17 14:17.987
Gary Poovey 16 13:07.227
Steve Adams 9 7:50.986
Victor DiGiuseppi 6 5:32.962
Timothy Habiuk 5 4:49.911

Great job by all including my photographers Cameron Saxon and Annie Burseng!

See everybody at Race #3 at the Proving Grounds Raceway in Sumter, SC.
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