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A while back I "scored" a 1/6 scale figure kit of a generic "Creature" and female victim on Ebay. The kit is very well sculpted, well cast, and lots of detail...including 2 right feet for the creature (instead of 1 right, 1 left). I really liked the kit when I got it (dispite the "deformity") so I kept it and figured I could sculpt the needed left foot when it came time to build the kit.
Well, I'm thinking about doing that now, but as I'm getting a little lazy in my older age...I thought I'd see if anyone on Hobby Talk could help me find a left foot.
The name of the kit is "Monster From The Deep", a 12 piece 1/6 scale resin kit, produced in 1997 by Dave Meadows of "Dynamic 3-D". Does anybody know anything about Dave or Dynamic 3-D? Contact info?
Like I said, this is a really nice "generic Creature" kit and I'd like to save myself a little work and not have to sculpt a left foot.

Phil K

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Does that mean he dances BETTER than most people? :)

Similarly, I have an old Horizon Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) with two left hands! Anybody got a right?
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