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2 questions

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Just a couple questions:
I would like to buy a number (like maybe six) of the PL TOS Enterprise kits and maybe a few of the Klingon - I know there is a huge list of sources for them from the PL site, but can anyone offer an online site where they had good luck, quick shipping and a good price for this kit?

Airbrush compressor - I have been using cans for years now and am sick of it - can anyone offer suggestions for a semi-quiet compressor suitable for casual hobby use?

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I got mine from Doll & Hobby, but the 1701 is apparently
out of stock again:


as to a compressor... get a copy of airbrush action magazine. theres several makers of quiet compressors (remember, you want one with a tank). mine, on the other hand, is a craftsman and roars like a lion, so all the neighbors for a 1/4 mile radius know when im airbrushing
Edge said:
I got mine from Doll & Hobby, but the 1701 is apparently
out of stock again:

Hmm - I have checked a couple stores and they indicate they are out of stock and aren't sure when they will get more. Guess I will keep an eye on Ebay!
I have a Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Aire that I bought at Wal Mart about three years ago. It's reasonabley quiet, is easy to maintain and runs between $75 and $100. I've been pretty happy with it but to be honest, for various reasons, I've only gotten to use it a couple times since I bought it.
Try http:www.scalehobby.com

I buy most of my stuff from Steve. He's great...Bob

Email him through the site to see if he has the stock you want....
You could always try http://www.megahobby.com

I've always had great luck dealing with them.
You could try Great Hobbies here in Canada. They don't have the Klingon D7 listed online, but I'm sure if you asked them about it they could get it in for you. Also, they have a deal where if you buy more then one kit you get all additional kits at 20% off (so you pay full price for the most expensive kit you buy)

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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