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And some more....

I should put a note to this, Aaron's right, many racers aren't on these forums. I've heard a decent amount of guys that said they'd come out that aren't on here.... This is more for us guys that spend too much time on here....

So that's.....
Todd Falkowski
Aaron Cyrier
Jeff "Air" Conde
Eric Towne
Kris Fowler (maybe)
Derek Lanway
Six-Cell Stock
Jim Ian "Showtime" Bernicky
Kris Fowler
Monsterracing70 (maybe)
Four-Cell Stock
Christian Falkowski (?)
Todd Forsythe
Jeff "Air" Conde
Eric Towne
Sprint (in some form)
Eric Towne
Kris Fowler
Todd Forsythe (?)

...and the beat rolls on....

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I know that. I was just making a point. No Biggy LOL. Im Stell at home waitng for my GTB to Show up. if it dont. O well i stell got my ss But i want to run the better ESC. I paid for over night shiping so i better get it!! UPS tracking number says it should be here today. just waiting for the Big Brown Truck. lol. See you guys later today.

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Lots of guys came out last night to check out/run the track before our trophy race this Sunday. Appreciate ya'll com'n out. Keep in mind were going to open the doors this sunday at 8:00am for the race. Coffee donuts and juice will be there for all to enjoy. Racing will start at noon.

Talk to ya'll later!
41 - 60 of 76 Posts
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