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The Side Kick was designed by Larry Wood for Mattel as a custom concept vehicle. The casting model was produced in Hong Kong for only 1 year. The casting carries the California Custom Miniatures designation on their still carded examples, with the new Spring Bar Suspension design noted as being used now.

There are (8) known Spectraflame Era paint colors used. They range from the most common colors of Light Green, Yellow, Gold, Blue, Magenta, Red, Rose and Aqua as the rarest color used.

The main design feature for this casting body is the slide out cockpit from the right side of the body. It operates by pulling on the rear exhaust pipes. Pushing the pipes back in retracts the cockpit. The long wide nose has two closed light cover details at the front edge. An exposed tandom 8 cylinder engine sits to the left of the drivers position. The back end has painted black louvers.

This casting is fitted with a small blue tinted glass piece.

The interior for this model is made of bare metal and is above integrates with the exhaust pipe casting piece.

Parts of the bare metal chassis can be seen all around the lower portion of the casting.

Two medium sized wheels are fitted up front with 2 large wheels at the rear.

Some castings were issued with a Hong Kong plastic collector button showing the mag wheel stickered "Mag Wheel Button" to the Canadian markets which included some Northern USA Cities/States. Other blister packs reflected the ability to work with the new Drivin' Gear teethered accessory introduced this year.

In 1998, it was reissued in the Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary set.

From 2000 to 2004 it was released in various segments of the Hot Wheels Mainline Series

In 2010, it was featured as a 10 Pack Exclusive casting.

It was last released in 2011 as part of the Hot Ones Series with its still operable slide out cock pit design.

Referenced resources -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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