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The Rear Engine Snake casting is based on the 1972 wedge shaped rear engine fuel dragster raced by Don "The Snake' Prudomme. Interestingly the 1:1 dragster is actually painted red - (Mongoose Red that is!) It was produced only in Hong Kong for one year of distribution. The hanger card for this casting designates this casting as being part of the Custom Minatures line only. It uses the same casting pieces as the Rear Engine Mongoose casting, but has a different reference # listing.

This model features a bare metal chassis that has twin parachute drag packs at the rear, a transmission and a drag sized V8 engine that sits between the rear wheels directly behind the driver's seat. The chassis extends forward to the front end of the casting design. The metal drivers cock pit cover and upper body wedge fits over the extend base and locks into it at the front end. A wing design at the front of this piece holds the front wheels in place. The rear portion of the base and the drivers seat and a good portion of the front rail portion of the dragster is covered with a forward pivoting metal wedge shaped cover. The driver portion, the pivoting cover and the front body cover are all painted in yellow enamel.

The wheel sets of this casting use large Redline wheels at the back end. At the front, two dragster bicycle style wheels came in both clear and black painted backgrounds with silver painted spokes on them.

Two stickers are provided. One is a wrap around yellow background sticker for the front body that has Don Produhoome's name and The Snake name in yellow for each side of the body. The Center portion is a tapered blue pennet with a yellow border and 4 red stars in descending sizes. A red Hot Wheels swoosh logo with white lettering fits on each side of the pivoting cover.

Some castings were issued with a Hong Kong plastic collector button showing the mag wheel stickered "Wheel Button" to the Canadian markets; which, included some Northern USA Cities/States. Other blister packs reflected the ability to work with the new Drivin' Gear teethered accessory introduced this year.

No prototype models are known.

No catalogue models have been identified to date.

Resourced references -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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