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The Open Fire was designed by Paul Tam for Mattel as a customized version of the AMC Gremlin. The casting model was produced in Hong Kong for only 1 year of distribution. The casting package carries the California Custom Miniatures designation on their still carded examples with the Spring Bar Suspension design designated as now being used.

There are (7) known Spectraflame Era paint colors used. Most sites only list Gold, Magenta, Yellow, Red and Blue. With Blue noted as the very rarest color used. Often Gold is inclused under yellow and some other sites include Rose and Light Green as being used.

The main design feature for this casting body is the lengthened front end to accommodate the exposed twin in line 6 cylinder engines and an extra set of front wheels.

It is fitted with a blue tinted glass piece.

The familiar Gremlin front end is part of the base piece and features a black painted grill. While the tail lights and bumper are part of the ear end base piece, seen below the iconic flat hatch door of the Gremlin. Oother visible parts of the bare metal chassis are the two side exhaust pipes.

Interiors for this model appear to be only fitted with dark brown (black) pieces.

Four medium sized wheels are fitted up front with 2 large wheels at the rear. As such it is the first Hot Wheels casting to feature 4 front wheels in its design.

Some castings were issued with a Hong Kong plastic collector button showing the stickered "Mag Wheel Button" to the Canadian markets which included some Northern USA Cities/States. Other blister packs reflected the ability to work with the new Drivin' Gear tethered control accessory introduced this year.

In 2008, a retooled version was elected by the Red Line Club members for inclusion in RLC sELECTIONs Series #4.

Referenced resources -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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