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The Funny Money is a custom vehicle designed by Larry Wood for Mattel. It is another funny car type casting - where the body pivots up and back on its rear attachment point with the base. It was produced in this casting configuration at the Hong Kong factory for only 1 year of distribution. It carries the familiar California Custom Miniatures designation on their still carded examples with the new Spring Bar Suspension design noted as now being used. But, the bare metal chasis has The Heavyweights seires name designation cast into it.

This year it only came in Gray (Metallic Siver) Enamel paint. The armored portion of the body castings shows as riveted metal plates all around the box with a large bank vault type door at the rear.

The dragster base piece has a black plastic drivers seat and roll bar insert that carries the Snake casting mold # of 6409. Two blown V8s sit side by side with only 4 exhaust pipes on the outward side of each engine present. At the front of the base an orange plastic insert extends out in front of the bumper area as a push bar element for the entire front end. The push bar portion of this piece of the casting is often broken or missing. An orange plastic single prop bar is part of this piece and fits inside the body to keep the body upright

A FUNNY MONEY tampo in yellow with TRUCK in white letters on a blue background is factory applied on only the right side passenger door.

There is no glass piece used in this casting although there are numerouse window openings and a sun roof in the body piece.

Two medium sized wheels are fitted at the front and two large wheels in the back.

Some castings were issued with a Hong Kong plastic collector button showing the stickered "Mag Wheel Button" design into the Canadian markets which included some Northern USA Cities/States.

In 1974, it was reissed as part of the Flying Colors line up.

In 1977, it was again reissued as part of the Flying Colors line up with Redline wheels initially and transitioned into black walled basic wheels later in the year.

In 2008, a retooled verions was issued in the 40 Years of Hot Wheels set, #9 in the Since '68 Original Series Set and as the RLC Party Car.

In 2009, it was included in the Sweet Rides segment of the Hot Wheels Delivery series and as part of the RLCs sELECTIONs series.

In 2010, it was issued in the Clover Car series.

In 2013, it was last issued as part of the Pop Culture Series with the Tasmanian Devil issue.

Referenced resources -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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