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I started the cross reference of this casting thread with other listed reference links today. If any (?) remains they are referenced that way. In the mean time, feel free to add your own images, stories, information and experiences with this casting in your own thread posts as we go along.

The Twinmill is 1 of 4 inhouse concept cars designed by Ira Gilford for this years Hot Wheels line up. Several different 1:1 show cars have been built of the Twin Mill since that time. Today these type of castings are most often referred to as fantasy castings by both collectors and enthusists alike.

Production runs were made at the USA factory only and it subsequently comes with a narrow smoke tinted (?) wrap around window piece. Two exposed chrome blown V8s are visible in the open portions af the car body. Two painted rear tail lights can be seen at the back. The base piece is painted to match the upper body portion. It came with both light and dark (brown) interior pieces.

There are (18) known Spectraflame paint colors used. They range from the most common colors of Blue, Green, Red, Aqua, Gold, Lime Yellow, Orange, Olive, Rose, Light Green, Purple, Magenta, Antifreeze, Light Blue, Creamy Pink, Yellow, Hot Pink and Brown as the rarest color used.

All cars left the factory with medium sized Type 1 style Redline wheels up front and large sized ones in the back.

Each casting was issued with 1 of 3 metal collector buttons. Each has an (antifreeze (?) colored car image on a blue background. Buttons made in Hong Kong have either a notched or a smooth tab design. The USA buttons only have smooth tabs.

In 1973, the casting was reissued as part of the Shell Promo line up.

In 1976, it was revised and renamed as the Twin Mill II and distributed again in 1977.

In 1993, it was retooled for the 25th Anniversary Set as a revised 2nd version of the Twin Mill II.

In 1998, the casting design was upgraded for the 100% Hot Wheels Series with numerous new engine details and an opening canopy for the Legends line up. It was released again in the Psychodelic Relics line up in the 2002 100% Hot Wheels series.

In 2004, a 'Tooned version of the original Twin Mill design was released in the 2004 First Edition line up in the Hardnoze segment.

In 2008, a revised version of the Twin Mill III was released in the 2008 First Editions line up. This casting was last released in 2014.

This casting has also made several appearences in Hot Wheels Video Games. Those include - Turbo Racing, Stunt Track Driver, Stunt Track Driver 2: Getin' Dirty, Forza Horizon 3, Expansion (DLC), and Asphault 8 so far.

Several prototype castings are known with shorter rear fenders like the original Gilford designin and have been found in Antifreeze, Orange, Red, Light 'Apple' Green and Creamy Pink Spectraflame paint colors. (One of the prototype creamy pink images looks to this poster to be more like the 'bubble gum pink' referenced for other castings.)

Resource references -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)

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I updated most of the information for the different web site listings today. I will need to do a more focused study of the different paint colors used seperately. Like with the 1968 castings, the names used and rarity rankings very greatly among those site listings.

Here is the base of a Gold casting I picked up recently as a potential parts donor. It is also a kid paint example.

1969 Hot Wheels #6250 Twin Mill by Milton Fox, on Flickr
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