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I started the cross reference of this casting thread with other listed reference links today. If any (?) remains they are referenced that way. In the mean time, feel free to add your own images, stories, information and experiences with this casting in your own thread posts as we go along.

The Turbofire is another concept car designed by Ira Gilford for Hot Wheels as a unique in house concept design model. Today, these type of castings are most often referred to as fantasy castings by both collectors and enthusists.

Production runs were made at the USA factory only and it subsequently comes with a narrow clear wrap around window piece.

The production body features a rear hinged engine cover that lifts up and back to reveal a detailed turbine engine. The rear panel is a part of the engine cover and features a large international orange painted rear light in the upper portion.

The bare metal base piece has two known variations regarding the copy right circled C letter and the registered trade mark circled R letter. In one version both are larger and on the other both are smaller in size.

Typically only white interior pieces are found, but a few dark (black) versions are known in red painted cars.

There are (18 to 21) known Spectraflame paint colors used. They range from the most common colors of Aqua, Gold, Green, Red, Blue, Lime Yellow, Orange, Antifreeze, Copper, Brown, Rose, Olive, Purple, Light Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Hot Pink and Light Green as the rarest color used. The Online Redline guide makes another reference to faded paint for this casting that was painted Spectraflame Light Green. Here the paint has faded to nearly a clear body color, but that evidence of the light green paint can still be seen in the fender wells. Another example is shown for a faded Spectraflame Lime color as well. (I will add the image of 23 different Turbofires from the Online Redline Guide in a post below, but will note here this site page as an excellent resource for collectors to us in the future to visualize the different paint colors used by Mattel over time for this and other castings.)

All cars left the factory with medium sized Type 1 style Redline wheels up front and large sized ones in the back. Some later production cars are known with all (?) capped wheels and other castings with mixed wheel sets.

Each casting was issued with a HK or a USA metal collector button with either a gold car image or a gold car image with dark orange highlights on blue (or light purple (?) background. Both of those type factory buttons came in either a notched or a smooth tab (?).

Two complete Turbofire pre-production castings are known. Each of these have the dark (black/brown) interior and a smoke tinted window piece. Another design difference is with the opening rear cover. In pre-production models it will fully open, but in the production model the cast in exhaust pipes are replace with a stop block, and the hinge elements have additional zamac built up to reinforce them, and a peg is added to the rear cover to prevent the cover from fully opening against the stop block.

The Turbofire is one the castings reproduced by the Muky toy company in South America for the Argentinian market.

Referenced resources -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)

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I updated the first post above with the casting information found at the other resource links today. Of interest is another notation from the Online Redline Guide site regarding two faded Spectraflame paint colors (with image examples) for Lime and Light Green.

Now below is the rainbow photo image from the Online Redline Guide site I mentioned above. It shows 23 castings right?

At their site listing they have 22 different named Spectraflame colors there? One is the faded lime color and the other is the red with brown interior. So taking them away as duplicates there should be 20 named colors right? You still with me?

In the photo below, they show the faded Lime car (top row, car #5) and the faded Light Green (bottom row, car #6) examples. So we are down to 21 colors there right? But, in bottom are the two prototype castings they talk about there as well (the cars with their rear covers up.) One of them is a hand painted purple and the other they call gold. So we are down to 19 colors now. Next to them though, on their right is the red casting with a dark interior exampe. So now there is only 18 different colored cars actually shown in the photo. Still there?

Going back to looking at the 20 remaining named color listings after you take away the faded lime and the red with dark interior and we seem to still have two many named colors. :surprise: So, where are the chocolate brown and emerald green named ones they list? :confused: And what color is car #8 in the middle row of the photo? :freak:

Now you see why it gets so confusing..... :willy_nilly:

OLRLG Turbofire_Rainbow by unkown, borrowed by Milton Fox, on Flickr
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