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The Lola GT70 is 1 of 8 overall race cars produced for the Exclusive Grand Prix Series introduced by Mattel for Hot Wheels in 1969. It is from the enclosed body style of racing sports cars. Ira Gilford is credited with developing both the Grand Prix series ideal and this casting design. It is based on the Eric Broadly designed T70 Mk3b race car built by Lola. Most castings were issued in the traditional "British Racing Green".
Powered by various different V8 engines from Ford and Chevrolet they won several races with Dan Gurney at the wheel and one championship with John Surtees.

This casting was produced in both the Hong Kong and the USA factories and features the blue tinted windshield for those castings made in Hong Kong and a clear plastic window piece for those USA factory produced models.

The rear engine cover pivets open to the rear. This feature under went a design change later in production that limits how far the rear hatch will open up. The stop peg added replaced the previous transmission detail. Some HK models especially the Dark Green Enamel have raised body lines and capped style wheels.

The HK base has the same 4 open rectangular holes used for the suspension points. It is known to have been distributed through 1970-71 as well. All models were produced with only a black interior. The base initially showed a transmission behind the engine detail, but this was removed when the rear pivot and stop peg were introduced to prevent the cover from breaking off.

In the USA, it was painted in 18 different Spectrflame colors and 1 enamel color ranging from the most common colors of - Dark Green Enamel, Brown, Gold, Lime Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Olive, Rose, Aqua, Purple and Antifreeze. Rare colors are Blue and Light Blue. Very rare colors are Magenta, Creamy Pink, Hot Pink and Yellow as most rare. Only one Yellow example is known to date.

Sources vary as to HK production, but include (7) Spectraflame paint colors and (2) enamel colors in their paint color listings. The list in increasing rarity order is - Dark Green Enamel, Blue and Red are commonly found. With Green and Aqua being more uncommon. Orange is very hard to find. Copper and Purple are rare. With Red Enamel known by only (2) examples known being the rarest.

Instead of a decal sheets this model had a sticker sheet included that contained yellow stripes and a #10 bubble gum on a yellow background. The sheet includes a diagram of the car with instructions on where to place the stickers. A different fount was used for the numbers on the HK sheet vs the USA sheets.

All models came with Type 1 medium sized Redline wheel sets.

This casting was issued with a corresponding collectors button featuring an orange background.

Reference resources -
The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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