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I started the cross reference of this casting thread with other listed reference links today. As with most site listings the color names used and order of rarity varies significantly between them and the initial listings from The Elite Redline Guide (2010) included below. I will do a more focused review of those and update that information later on. If any other (?) remains they are referenced that way. In the mean time, feel free to add your own images, stories, information and experiences with this casting in your own thread posts as we go along.

The Brabham Repco F-1 is from the exclusive Grand Prix Series introduced by Mattel for Hot Wheels in 1969. It is one of the four open wheel racers issued in this first year of the Series and the only Formula 1 model included. Ira Gilford is credited with developing both the series ideal and this casting design. It is based on the Brabham-Repco BT-24 designed by Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac. It is powered by a 3 liter Repco-Oldsmobile V8 engine. Brabham won the F1 Championship in 1966 and in 1967 Denny Hulme again won the F1 Championship for Brabham with this car.

Produced only in Hong Kong it features a blue tinted windshield and a chrome plated plastic engine. Known prototype models have clear windshields. It was distributed in 1970 as well. Most models were produced with a black interior, but the commonly found Spectraflame red painted model came with a white interior. Other castings with white interiors are know for the aqua, blue and purple Specraflame colors, but are extremely rare. Six other Spectraflame colors are also known to have been used along with an enamel "British Racing Green" color.

Overall there were (10) paint colors issued. The most commonly found colors are - Red, Green, Aqua, and Blue. Uncommon colors are - Purple, Orange, and Olive. With Dark Enamel Green, Copper and Brown being the rarest.

Two chrome versions of the casting are known from a dinner hosted by Mattel during the 1969 New York Toy Fair. Along with chromed castings of the Shelby Turbine and Lotus Turbine they are collectively known as the "dinner cars" from this event.

A silver & red Hot Wheels swoosh decal is applied at the factory. It is found on the body side directly behind the right front wheel. (Making it easily visible when packaged in the blister pack.) It also came with a seperate water slide decal sheet with the #1 gumball of Sir Jack Brabham, his name as the driver and other race related sponsor decals from Bell, Fram and Goodyear. The nose gumball is integrated with a white nose stripe.

Reference is made to a less common variation of a black painted chassis base on some models.

All castings came with small front and medium rear Type 1 Redline style wheels. A few sites reference a change over to capped style wheels, but no examples are shown.

This casting was issued with a corresponding smooth tabbed Hong Kong collectors button showing a green car image on a blue background.

A British Racing Green enamel painted casting with a white interior and clear windshield is known. It also has a white racing stripe with #1 in a white rondel. And Bell and Fram decals. J Brabham is found in white rectangle near the cockpit.

This casting was released again in 1974 as the Flying Colors Rash 1 (#7616).

Primary reference resources -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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