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So I finally got my model together and am now a proud owner of a Cobra. OK, just the model...

On most images I encountered the Cobra in a light or medium blue. I decided for a metallic blue. The base coat and primer is a metallic silver, the blue is Aero Color Airbrush acrylic with a 30% part of metallic medium. I chose to make the typical white stripes much bolder than the original stripes. last coat is AK clear and a polish with Tamiya polish creme.

The original wheels were not polished chrome so I had to spray the mags in a dark silver. The kit tires I replaced with much better detailed tires from my scrap box. Same goes with the sidepipes, which were not polished chrome. I found the real looking headlights at one of my suppliers. It seems to be clear epoxy on thin sheet steel.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Ac cobra

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

The interior I pepped up with sheet rubber on the floor and metal rings for the gauges. Plus racing seatbelts, although back then I believe they only had simple hipbelts. Carrol Shelby offered to sigh my models dashboard;):ROFLMAO:馃槀not...

Hood Automotive tire Blue Tire Azure

As I had predicted, there is not much to see of the engine once the model is assembled. I was wondering where the battery was placed and learned that they either packed it in the small trunk or tucked it behind the shotgun seat.

Vehicle Hood Blue Motor vehicle Azure

A really cool legendary car with lots of stories to tell about.

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Very well done! I love all the details and your modifications. Did you make the front window stickers (decals)? To small to see the print but are they the registry stickers?
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